Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Time to Get Back to it!

So I promised Maegan I'd start keeping up on my blog and it's probably about time I start doing that.  Since the last time I posted was when I was 12 weeks pregnant with Ashley, clearly a few things have taken place since then. For one, Ashley was born.  Ben became a big brother. Ryan started kindergarten. Paul got a promotion. And I... well, I am trying to hang in there with three children.  I guess I should try to fill in a few of the blanks....I definitely need to start documenting my children's silliness again.  I really do want to keep up on this blog, I just need to get back into it.  Try to make it more of a habit.  I'm going to try.

1 comment:

Michael and Maegan said...

yeah!!! thanks jen. Now lets see some cute pictures of that little Ashley!!